Livspace Interview Experience for SDE-2

Bangalore | December 2019 [Offer]

Round 1:

The first round was solved by mix of easy and medium level questions:

Round 2:

I was asked 3 questions in this round. One was standard, followed by a tricky one. And 3rd question was a puzzle.

Round 3:

It was a mix of technical and HR round.

First, I was asked about the current system design which I had worked on in my previous company.

Next I was given a priority queue related question, wherein I was just asked to tell the approach, and not code it.

Next, I was asked a bunch of cultural fit questions like: which is the most challenging problem you have solved till now? Reason for switch, etc.

Result: I was told the result then and there by the HR and I was given the offer.

To be frank, initially I was hesitant to even appear for interview with Livspace as I didn’t know about the firm before. But, after talking to HR and understanding about the cool work that Livspace is doing, I thought to give it a try. I really liked the way, the whole interview process was organised as it was conducted in a timely manner and the result was also given on the same day. The interviewers were pretty helpful and they were just trying to see if you able to think out of the box.

Perks: Livspace offers a good work life balance, handsome salaries, amazing work environment and a well-stuffed pantry. More importantly, you’ll get to work on the latest tech-stack here. Also, WFH is allowed.

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