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Livspace Interview Experience for Full-time SDE-2 (Bangalore)
  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2019

Round 1: The first round was solved by mix of easy and medium level questions.

Round 2: 2 problem solving and Algorithm questions in this round.

Round 3: This round is again on problem-solving.

Round 4: It was a technical and relating to problem-solving.

  • I was asked to explain the architecture/system design of previous work and then raised a problem in the architecture. Then I was asked to solve the?problem in a different approach.
  • Given a Chemical Formula get the number of distinct atoms present in the formula. The chemical formula could be as complex as possible For eg: (C7(OH)6)3H5O8.
    The expectation of this round was not to solve the complete problem but how we approach the solution.

Manager Round: This round was a discussion about Livspace experiences, complexity and challenging problems livspace trying to solve for the first time. More in details of different teams and the expectations.

Result: I was informed about the offer on mail in the following week.

Pros: Currently working in Livspace for the past 5 months. Good work-life balance, you get a chance to work on different tech-stacks, skilled and friendly colleagues.

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