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List of Vice Presidents of India

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In government exams like SSC, Banking, Railways, etc we find many questions from the general awareness section. this is a very broad section and sometimes questions are very factual. we will cover the General awareness section comprehensively so that students can learn and get most of the questions correct in this section. In this article, we will provide a complete list of Vice Presidents of India.

Vice President of India: An Introduction

  • The Vice President of India is the second highest constitutional office in India after President. This position was created to ensure the political continuity of the Indian state. 
  • He serves as an ex officio as President of the Rajya Sabha. In this regard, his powers and functions are similar to those of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Also, he is similar to the  Vice President of the United States, who also serves as President of the Senate, the upper house of the US legislature. When a bill is brought before the Rajya Sabha, the Vice President decides whether it is a finance bill or not. If he believes that a bill submitted in the Rajya Sabha is a bill, he will refer the case to the 
    Speaker of the Lok Sabha for a decision. 
  • He acts as the President in the event of a vacancy in the office of President by resignation, impeachment, death, or other cause. 
  • He can serve as President for a maximum of six months, during which a new President must be elected. 
    In addition, if the Acting President is unable to perform his or her duties because of absence, illness, or any other reason, the Vice-President shall discharge his or her duties until the President resumes his or her duties. While serving as President or performing the duties of President, the Vice President does not perform the duties of the office of President of the Rajya Sabha. During this time these duties are performed by the Vice President of the Rajya Sabha.

List of Vice Presidents of India:

Serial No.Name of the Vice-President    Tenure
1Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 13 May 1952 – 12 May 1957
13 May 1957 – 12 May 1962
2Zakir Hussain 13 May 1962 – 12 May 1967
3V. V. Giri 13 May 1967 – 3 May 1969
4Gopal Swarup Pathak 31 August 1969 – 30 August 1974
5B. D. Jatti 31 August 1974 – 30 August 1979
6Mohammad Hidayatullah 31 August 1979 – 30 August 1984
7R. Venkataraman 31 August 1984 – 24 July 1987
8Shankar Dayal Sharma 3 September 1987 – 24 July 1992
9K. R. Narayanan 21 August 1992 – 24 July 1997
10Krishan Kant 21 August 1997 – 27 July 2002
11Bhairon Singh Shekhawat 19 August 2002 – 21 July 2007
12Mohammad Hamid Ansari 11 August 2007 – 11 August 2012
11 August 2012 – 11 August 2017
13Venkaiah Naidu 11 August 2017 – 10 August 2022
14Jagdeep Dhankhar11 August 2022 — Present
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Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2022
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