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List of the Important Architecture of Sultanate Period

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  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2022
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General Study is the major and important section for SSC CGL, Banking, Railway and for other exams. In every exam, 2 or 3 questions are asked about this topic. Following we are giving a list of some important Architecture of the Sultanate Dynasty. This topic has the same relevance for every exam. 

ArchitectureRuler placeAttributes
Quwwat-ul-Islam MosqueQutubuddin AibakDelhiMaterials of Hindu and Jain temples were used in its construction.
Qutub MinarQutubuddin AibakDelhiIt was named after Sufi saint Khwaja Qutubuddin Kaki.   Its construction started during the period of Qutubuddin Aibak and was completed during the period of Iltutmish.
Two-and-a-half-day cottageQutubuddin AibakAjmerIt was originally built by Emperor Vigraharaja Bisaldev.
Sultangarhi’s TombIltutmishDelhiIltutmish built this tomb in the memory of his son Nasiruddin Mahmud.
Dargah of Moinuddin ChishtiIltutmishAjmerChishti silsila was founded in India by Moinuddin Chishti.
Atarkin DarvajaIltutmishNagoreIt is a famous historical Architecture, located in Rajasthan.
Iltutmish’s TombRaziaDelhiRed stones have been used in the construction of this tomb.
Lal MahalBalbanDelhi Before he became the Sultan of Delhi, Ghiyasuddin Balban had built a palace in 1240.
Balban’s TombBalbanDelhiBalban’s tomb was built by Balban himself.
Siri FortAlauddin KhiljiDelhiIt is a famous architecture of the Khilji dynasty.
Alai DarwazaAlauddin KhiljiDelhiRed stones have been used in its construction. It is located near Qutub Minar.
Hauz-e-AlaiAlauddin KhiljiDelhiHauz-e-Alai is also known as Hauz Khas.
Jamat Khana Masjid Alauddin KhiljiDelhiBuilt in the complete Islamic style, it was the first mosque of the Sultanate period.
Hazar Sutun PalaceAlauddin KhiljiDelhiIt is also known as the palace of thousand pillars.
Ukha MosqueMubarak KhiljiBharatpur Ukha Masjid is one of the largest historical building was built during the Mughal rule in Rajasthan.
Nizamuddin Auliya DargahKhizr KhanDelhiNizamuddin Auliya Dargah is one of the most famous Sufi shrines in India.
Tughluqabad Fort Ghiyasuddin TughlaqDelhiGhiyasuddin Tughluq, the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty built this fort in 1321.
Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq’s TombMuhammad TughlaqDelhiThis tomb is made of red stones.
Adilabad FortMuhammad TughlaqDelhiThis fort was established in 1326–1327 by Muhammad bin Tughlaq. 
Jahanpanah NagarMuhammad TughlaqDelhiIt was also known as Fourth Delhi. Muhammad Tughlaq had built a dam named Satpula and a palace named Bijli here.
Firozabad NagarFiroz Shah TughlaqDelhiFirozabad city was also known as fifth Delhi.
Kushk-e-Shikar PalaceFiroz Shah TughlaqDelhiFiroz Tughlaq built the Kushk-e-Shikar palace for hunting and entertainment.
Tomb of Khanejahan TelanganiKhan Jahan JunashahJaunpurThis tomb was built during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq by Khanejahan Junashah, son of Khanejahan Telangani.
Kali Mosque Junan ShahJaunpur This mosque was built in 1387 by the son of Khan-i-Jahan Junan Shah Prime Minister of Feroz Shah Tughlaq.
Khirki MosqueJunan ShahJaunpur It is also known as “The Mosque of Windows”.
Kalan MosqueJunan ShahJaunpurThe Kalan Mosque was built in 1387.
Moth Mosque Wazir Miya BhoiyaNew DelhiIt is a heritage building located in Delhi.
It was built in 1505 by Wazir Miya Bhoiya in the reign of Sikander Lodi.
Atala MosqueIbrahim Shah SharqiJaunpurThis mosque was built In 1408 A.D.
Jami MosqueAhmadshah Ahmedabad It is one of the finest mosques of the Mughal period.
Lal Darwaja MosqueMahmud ShahJaunpurThis mosque  was built in 1447 by Queen Rajye Bibi.
Firoz Shah Bahmani’s TombAhmadshah BahmaniGulbargaFiruz Shah Bahmani, was the ruler of the Bahmani Sultanate from 16 November 1397 to 22 September 1422
Hindola MahalHoshang ShahMandu The meaning of Hindola Mahal is ‘Swinging Palace’. It was built in 1425 C.E.
Jahaz MahalHoshang ShahMandu It is located between two artificial lakes.
Roopmati and Baz Bahadur PalaceHoshang ShahManduBaz Bahadur Khan was the last Sultan of Malwa Sultanate
Kirti StambhaRana KumbhaChittor It is a 12th-century tower situated at Chittor Fort in Chittorgarh town of Rajasthan, 
Mahmud Gawan’s TombMahmud GawanBidarMahmud Gawan (1411 – 1481) was a prime minister in the Bahamani Sultanate.
Vitthal Swami TempleKrishnadeva RayaVijaynagar This temple is a 16th-century structure dedicated to Lord Vitthal or Lord Vishnu.
Hazara TempleKrishnadeva RayaVijaynagarIt is dedicated to Lord Rama. 
Baro Shona MosqueNasiruddin Nusrat ShahGour It is also known as Baroduari Masjid. it is located in Gour, West Bengal, India.
Hasan Khan’s TombSher Shah SuriSasaramThe largely grey sandstone tomb was built between 1540 and 1545.
Qila-i-Kuhna MosqueSher Shah SuriDelhi It was built in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture.
Gol GumbazAli Adil ShahBijapurThis is the tomb of Muhammad Adilshah.
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