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Linux Sysstat Utilities For Monitoring System Performance

Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2022
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Sysstat is a useful utility that includes a number of programs for monitoring system resources, performance, and use. The sysstat package contains a number of programs that we all use on a daily basis. It also includes a program that can be used to collect all performance and activity data.

Installing Sysstat

The Sysstat package is available in the default package repositories and may be installed with the commands below.

$ sudo apt install sysstat

 CPU Usage

To view current CPU stats, use the sar command with the -u option.

$ sar -u

Individual CPU Utilization

The majority of modern CPUs are multi-core. Use the -P ALL command to see the utilization data of each core individually.

$ sar -P ALL 1 1

Memory Usage

This is where you’ll find the RAM statistics. “1 3” reports three times for everyonto second.

$ sar -r 1 3

Examine Your Device’s Usage

To find disc statistics, use the iostat command. It displays the current data transfer rate, the total number of blocks read and written to disc, and the average block rate.

$ iostat -d 1 5 

Viewing the Current Process

$ pidstat -d

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