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Linux Fun – Displaying Steam Locomotive on Terminal
  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2021
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Making fun of our mistakes can be a good approach for learning anything smoothly because it gives us a little bit of dopamine release in our mind so this can help us to improve our health and mind as well. Now we will learn about one more mistake while doing some kinds of stuff in our Linux terminal let’s do it :

You may remember when we are typing command ls in our terminal what kind of mistakes generally we do :

Install sl software to get Steam Locomotive:

$ sudo apt-get install sl

Output :

Linux Fun to Display Steam Locomotive on Terminal

Now the time is making fun of our mistakes so let us type a command in our terminal :

$ sl

Time is to go for Output :

Linux Fun to Display Steam Locomotive on Terminal

This train will come from the right side of our screen and will go to the left side of the screen, after ending this process this sl command’s process will be terminated.

Now the time to make some more from this ls command:

 Here i am providing you some hints for further processes let’s take a look :

  • To make the size of your train smaller ping command sl -i
  • To see accidental train and peoples asking for help ping command sl -a
  • To Fly your train ping a command sl -F
$ sl -F

Output :

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