LinkedIn Interview Experience (On Campus for SDE Internship)

Recently LinkedIn visited our campus to hire interns for summer 2019. The process consisted of an online coding round followed by telephonic interviews.
Online Coding Round :
Online test of 1.5 hours was conducted on Hackerrank consisting of 4 simple questions:
1.There are n people standing in line to buy show tickets. The venue sells tickets according to the following rules:
a.The person at the head of the line can buy exactly one ticket and must then exit the line
b.if a person needs to purchase additional tickets, they must re-enter the end of the line and wait to be sold their next ticket(assume exit and re-entry takes zero seconds).
c.Each ticket sale takes exactly one second.
We express initial line of n people as an array, tickets = [tickets0, tickets1 … ticketsN-1], where ticketsi denotes the number of tickets person I wishes to buy. If Jesse is standing at a position p in this line, find out how much time it would take for him to buy all tickets.

2.A person can create a flower bouquet with either 3 roses (cost of bouquet = p) or 1 rose and 1 lily (cost = q)
In an array of flowers, the person has to select contiguous set of flowers i.e. 2 or 3 to gain maximum cost.
Input format: A string of 0(denotes rose) and 1(denotes lily).
Output : Maximum cost.

3.Count ways to express a number as sum of consecutive numbers

4.In a examination there are total n questions. In a strange grading policy either 0 or 1 is associated with each question. For every question you solve with a 0 you get -1 marks and for question with a 1 you get +1 marks. There is a number k such that you solve first (k-1) questions and your friend solves next remaining questions (all consecutive). Find minimum k for which your score > friend’s score.

After this round they shortlisted 5 candidates who solved all questions correctly.

Telephonic Round with Online coding platform on Skype.
In this round they asked everyone same questions.
1.Move all zeroes to end of array
2.Find a pair with given target in BST
3.Median of Two sorted arrays

For every question they asked for most optimal solution.

After this round 3 students were offered an intern.

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