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LinkedIn Interview Experience (On Campus for SDE Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2019

Recently LinkedIn visited our campus to hire interns for summer 2019. The process consisted of an online coding round followed by telephonic interviews.
Online Coding Round :
Online test of 1.5 hours was conducted on Hackerrank consisting of 4 simple questions:
1.There are n people standing in line to buy show tickets. The venue sells tickets according to the following rules:
a.The person at the head of the line can buy exactly one ticket and must then exit the line
b.if a person needs to purchase additional tickets, they must re-enter the end of the line and wait to be sold their next ticket(assume exit and re-entry takes zero seconds).
c.Each ticket sale takes exactly one second.
We express initial line of n people as an array, tickets = [tickets0, tickets1 … ticketsN-1], where ticketsi denotes the number of tickets person I wishes to buy. If Jesse is standing at a position p in this line, find out how much time it would take for him to buy all tickets.

2.A person can create a flower bouquet with either 3 roses (cost of bouquet = p) or 1 rose and 1 lily (cost = q)
In an array of flowers, the person has to select contiguous set of flowers i.e. 2 or 3 to gain maximum cost.
Input format: A string of 0(denotes rose) and 1(denotes lily).
Output : Maximum cost.

3.Count ways to express a number as sum of consecutive numbers

4.In a examination there are total n questions. In a strange grading policy either 0 or 1 is associated with each question. For every question you solve with a 0 you get -1 marks and for question with a 1 you get +1 marks. There is a number k such that you solve first (k-1) questions and your friend solves next remaining questions (all consecutive). Find minimum k for which your score > friend’s score.

After this round they shortlisted 5 candidates who solved all questions correctly.

Telephonic Round with Online coding platform on Skype.
In this round they asked everyone same questions.
1.Move all zeroes to end of array
2.Find a pair with given target in BST
3.Median of Two sorted arrays

For every question they asked for most optimal solution.

After this round 3 students were offered an intern.

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