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LinkedIn Interview Experience for Staff Software Engineer 2020

Last Updated : 23 May, 2021
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Status: Working in SFO as a Senior Staff/Principal Software Engineer.

Position: Staff Software Engineer.

Location: California.

Phone Interviews: Background/Staff Interview: (60 mins)

  • 10 minutes – Brief introduction to the interviewer
  • Leadership: The roles of SE and SSE and how to transition from SE to SSE, as well as conflict resolution with your peers
  • Implementation: A few high-level SD questions. Components with a single monolithic application
  • Craftsmanship: How did you fare? – challenges, as well as most proud work, etc.
  • 5 minutes for any questions from the interviewee.

Technical Phone Screen: (60 mins)

5 mins – Quick intro on interviewer

  1. Question #1: In Reverse Polish Notation, calculate the value of an arithmetic expression.[]
  2. Question #2: check for pair in a given array with sum as the given target. []

Follow up: same question is asked for three elements of the array sum.[just talk no implementation].


  • Please follow up with examples from your own life for each question in the background round.
  • Discuss all possible solutions to the problems and why you chose the one you implemented in the phone interview.

Onsite Interviews:

Host Manger Round: (60 mins)

Explained about his role. and asked some questions:

  • How you are managing people. Hiring/firing?
  • Daily life activities?
  • How much you code daily, and what platform you are using for code?
  • Web architecture as it stands today
  • When do you involve your Manager?
  • Some system design scenarios: How do we handle company merger scenarios? Scenarios of migration.

Coding + Algorithm: (60 mins)

  1. Minimum sum of product of two arrays. [].
  2. Print leaf nodes of a Binary Tree. []

Lunch Interview Round: (60 mins)

Feedback is recorded here.

  • Graph of economics
  • On ML Opportunities, I inquired about LinkedIn culture/framework.
  • Which companies are you interviewing with?
  • What do you hope to accomplish in the new companies?

Staff Craftsmanship: (60 mins)

Some questions were focused on:

  • Quality
  • Review of the code
  • The significance of a test suite.
  • Is there a cost to code review?
  • How did you teach your junior engineer about craftsmanship, give example?
  • Ability to make decisions and lead by example.
  • Choose between scalability, performance, and quality.


  • Concentrate more on this because it is critical for Staff SE. Understanding SD will help but be prepared for anything.
  • Before you begin coding, be prepared to explain the strategy/algorithm and reach an agreement on it.


Recruiter called after 2 days and said I was selected for the staff software engineer.

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