Linkedin Internship Interview Experience

Round 1:

First round was online coding round.  It was hosted on hackerrank platform. 4 questions were there.

6 people were selected for next round.


Round 2:

Second round was telephonic interview.  We have write our code on a real-time collaborative code editor on skype.

Firstly interviewer asks me about myself. Then 2 coding questions were asked.

  • Find total number of visible nodes in a binary tree. A node is visible, if it has highest value in the path from root to node. It was done in O(n).
  • Find leftmost unique element in the array. eg. 2 5 2 3 5 6 8 . Answer is 3 for given example. I have done with the help of the hashmap in O(n) time complexity.

Coding style was given more importance than solution.

Finally 4 persons were selected. I was one of 2 who was not selected.

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