Limitations of Selenium

These are some of the limitations of Selenium :

  • Desktop Application :
    Automation Testing for desktop applications is not supported by Selenium.

  • Web Services :
    Automation testing cannot be performed on web services like SOAP or REST using Selenium.

  • Built-in Object Repository :
    A built-in Object Repository like UTF/QTP is not present in Selenium for maintaining objects/elements in centralized location.

  • Built-in Repository facility :
    There is no Built-in Reporting facility available.

  • Inbuilt repository capability :
    An inbuilt reporting capability is not present in Selenium. There will be a relyment on plug-ins like JUnit and TestNG for test reports.

  • Image Testing :
    After performing practically Testing on images is not possible so to overcome it we need to Integrate Selenium with Sikuli.

  • New usage :
    New usage may or may not work properly. No is responsible for its usage.

  • Test Management :
    For Test Management, no test tool integration is provided by Selenium.

  • Popups and Frame :
    It becomes difficult while processing the popups or frames.

  • High Skills :
    In order to automate tests more effectively, a high skill sets are required by Selenium.

  • Community forums :
    There is a relyment on community forums to get your technical issues resolved this is because Selenium is open source software.

  • Language :
    To create tests scripts in Selenium WebDriver we must know atleast one of the supported languages.

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