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Life Saving Tech Tips

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1: How to view a website without opening it or visiting it.
Step-1 : Search in Google Extension.
Step-2 : Type URL Render.
Step-3 : Then click on to add to Google Chrome.

2: Create your own search engine.
Step-1 : Open your browser.
Step-2 : Go to “”.
Step-3 : Type your name in the search bar.
Step-4 : Click on “Create my search page now”.

3: Play Music when the laptop screen is closed?
Step-1 : Right-click on the battery icon on the taskbar and then click the power option.
Step-2 : In the left – panel of the power options window, click Choose what closing the LID does link. This Action opens the system setting option.
Step-3 : In the power and sleep buttons and LID setting section. You will see when I close the LID option. Select “Do Nothing ” for both “On Battery” and “Plugged In ” Option. Click save changes.

4: Increase your downloading speed by 2 times.
Step-1 : Go to Chrome.
Step-2 : In the Address Bar type “CHROME://FLAGS”
Step-3 : Type “PARALLEL DOWNLOADING” in downloading search.
Step-4 : Now Enable the “PARALLEL DOWNLOADING”. Now relaunch the Chrome browser.
Step-5 : Now all your files will be downloaded in half the time.

5: How to download YouTube videos in 5 seconds?
Step-1 : First, go to the and from open any video you want to download.
Step-2 : Now copy the URL of the video and paste in new tab.
Step-3 : Now add “ss” before the like this

6: Increase RAM of your PC using Pen-drive.
Step-1 : First insert your Pen-drive > Now right-click on your pen drive properties.
Note: Pen drive should be completely Empty.
Step-2 : Now you need to browser to ready boot tab.
Step-3 : Then switch to Use this device and reduce your current memory space. If your pen drive has 4 Gb then always keep 100-200 Mb less.
Step-4 : Then click on Apply button and all done.
Note: This will only work if you have 6 Gb or less than 6 Gb of RAM on your PC.

7: Daily Shortcuts for PC and Laptop (Only Windows OS)

  • Windows Key + E “Open my computer”.
  • Windows Key + M “Minimize all windows”.
  • Windows Key + Tab “Toggle between tabs”.
  • Tab “Toggle on current tabs”.
  • ALT “Show menu”.
  • ALT +Tab “Toggle between tab”.

8: 5 Top secret hidden PC tricks.
Trick 1: To instantly lock your Pc between any task (Press:- Windows + L)
Trick 2: If you save an Excel file as an (.XLSB), It will compress the size by up to 75%.
Trick 3: To enable Emoji keyboard on Pc (Press Windows Button + .period)
Trick 4: To Permanently delete a file instead of sending it to recycle bin. (Press:- Shift + Delete)
Trick 5: To enable Dark Mode on your PC, go to SETTING > PERSONALIZATION > COLORS > DARK.

9: How to check internet speed without any apps?
Step-1 : First, open your browser.
Step-2 : After opening the browser Just type (“”)
Step-3 : Now you can check your internet speed.

10: How to check your hard disk health?
Step-1 : Search CMD and Run as administration
Step-2 : Type in CMD (wmic disk drive get status, model )
Step-3 : If your hard disk status show’s ( OK ), It means your hard disk health is good.

11: How to find our Windows 10 version?
Step-1 : Press WINDOWS key + R
Step-2 : Search “WINVER” and press ok.

12: How to share data between two Pc using ‘Ssavr’ website?
Step-1 : Open your browser and type in the search bar ( Ssavr )
Note: Both PC must be connected to the same internet connection.
Step-2 : Now you can share data between two Pc.

13: How to make a bootable pen drive using CMD?
Step-1 : Insert a USB flash drive into a running computer.
Step-2 : Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.
Step-3 : Type disk part.
Step-4 : At the command prompt, type list disk, and then click ENTER.
Step-5 : At the command prompt, type select disk< X> where X is the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive, and then click ENTER.
Step-6 : Type clean, and then click ENTER.
Step-7 : To create a new primary partition on the type create partition primary, and then click ENTER.
Step-8 : To format the partition, type format fs=ntfs quick, and then click ENTER.
Step-9 : Type active, and then click ENTER.
Step-10 : When you finish preparing your custom image, save it to the root of the USB flash drive.

14: How to control your PC using mobile?
Step-1 : Open Chrome and install an extension called “Chrome Remote Desktop”
Step-2 : Open extension and login through a Google Account.
Step-3 : Download a Chrome Remote Desktop app on your mobile.
Step-4 : Open App and Login with Same Google Account as Pc.
Step-5 : Now you can access your Pc through Mobile Phone.

15: How to open your PC into safe mode in Windows?
Step-1 : Press Window Key + R and type msconfig.
Step-2 : Where you see Boot option just click on it.
Step-3 : Where you see Safe Mood just enable that option.

16: Make your own Website Blocker using Notepad.
Step-1 : Open Notepad.
Step-2 : Type @echo off
cd “C:\Windows\System32\Driver\etc”
echo www.Type website name>>”Hosts” and save it.
Step-3 : Now Run As Administrator that file.
Step-4 : Now your Website is blocked if it is not working then clear your Browser Cookies.

17: How to find MAC address in Windows?
Step-1 : Press Window Key + R and Type CMD.
Step-2 : Type ipconfig /all
Step-3 : Now you can see your MAC address.

18: How to change CMD Font and Color?
Step-1 : Press Window Key + R and Type CMD and Run as Administrator.
Step-2 : When you open it. Right-click on Windows and Properties.
Step-3 : Here you can Customize Font Size According to you.
Step-4 : Here you can Customize Color According to you.

19: How to download our friend’s Instagram Story?
Step-1 : Search (Download Instagram Video) and open the first link.
Step-2 : Type Instagram ID Name and click on Download.

20: How to download Instagram Profile Photos?
Step-1 : Open Play Store and search (DP and Videos Downloader for Instagram)
Step-2 : Search here the User Instagram ID, then click on Download.

21: How to Remove Background from any Image?
Step-1 : Open your Browser.
Step-2 : Type in the Search Bar (
Step-3 : Choose the Image you Want to Remove the Background.

22: How to download movies free from Torrent?
Step-1 : First, go to (UTORRENT.COM) and from it Download the classic app. Now install it in your PC.
Step-2 : Now go to any Torrent website and search for the movie you want Download.
Step-3 : Now open the Search result and download the torrent file.
Step-4 : Now double-click the downloaded file it will open in the torrent app which you have installed earlier.
Step-5 : Now click on Start to Download.

23: Download any movie, series without Torrent or Websites.
Step-1 : Go to Google. Then Type “Index of” and Movie or Web-Series Name.
Step-2 : This will give you lots of links.
Step-3 : But search for such a link which will give you downloadable links.
Step-4 : Now you can download the whole Movie and Series.

24: How to access a locked gallery?
Step-1 : Open Google Chrome Browser.
Step-2 : Type File:///sdcard/ in the URL.
Step-3 : Phone does not require an SD Card.
Step-4 : It will give access to all folders. It will show you all folders of photos and videos even if the gallery is locked.
Step-5 : Then click on whichever folder you want to access, and then you can view the photos and videos.

25: 4 Hidden Pc Tricks.
Trick 1 – To undo an undo, press Ctrl + Y.
Trick 2 – Join the Windows Insider Program. You will get New features And Functionality of Windows before the General Public. In the Search Bar Type – Windows Insider Program.
Trick 3 – To Enable Dark Mode on Your Pc, Go to Settings> Personalization Colors> Dark.
Trick 4 – To instantly lock your PC in between any task press Windows button + L.

26: 5 Hidden tricks to make your PC Fast.
Trick 1 – Delete Windows.old Folder. This folder contains OLD Windows update files which are no longer needed. If you do not wish to revert any previous updates then delete it. Go to your C drive, search for windows.old folder and delete it.
Trick 2 – Delete unwanted temp files (press Windows + r) and type %temp% and click ok. Now delete all files in the folder.
Trick 3 – Use Disk Cleanup to remove unwanted files, Search Disk Cleanup in the search box of the taskbar. Now select the drive you want to clean. Now, select all files and press OK.
Trick 4 – Disable Background Apps, Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Background apps. Now Disable all unwanted apps running in Background consuming your precious data and CPU.
Trick 5 – Adjust system for best performance, Right Click on “This Pc” icon on Desktop. Click on “Properties” to view “System Setting” windows. Now Click on “Advanced System Settings”. Under “Advanced” settings, click on “Settings” and choose to Adjust for best performance.

27: 5 Hidden Google Search Tricks.
Trick 1 – Get International Search Results, In the Address Bar Add or type any country name.
You will get search Result based on that country, Use this if you don’t want localized search results.
Trick 2 – Narrow Down Search Result By Publish Date, Using any tab you can filter SEARCH result – when the content was published or updated. Now click on Tools. Then you get any time tab.
Trick 3 – Increase the Search Results on One Page. You can increase the search result on one page from default 10 so don’t have to go to the next page. You can keep scrolling. Now click on settings – Search Settings now you can increase your search Result per page.
Trick 4 – Only show the result from a specific website, use the SITE: search operator to get search results from a specific website only.
Trick 5 – Play Games on Google without downloading the apps, games like Pacman, Tic Tac Toe, Snake Game.

28: How to watch YouTube Videos on any Website?
Step-1 : Search (Picture in Picture) on Google.
Step-2 : Now Add to Chrome Extension.
Step-3 : Go to the YouTube Video and play any video and just click the picture in picture.
Step-4 : Now will get a Floating Video Player which you can use to watch the video on any website.

29: Play music on YouTube with the screen turned off.
Step-1 : Go to the Chrome Browser on mobile and then go to YouTube website.
Step-2 : Click on the three dots in the top right corner, and select Desktop Site.
Step-3 : Play any music and access and press the home button. Now you will see the Player in the notification panel.
Step-4 : Now press the Play button and Music will play even if you turn off your screen.

30: Don’t have a VPN? Use Google As VPN!!
Step-1 : Type Google Translate.
Step-2 : When you open the Google Translate, just type any website’s name.
Step-3 : Now you can see the blocked websites.

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Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2021
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