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Lido Learning Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2021

Lido learning is an E-Learning company and its headquarter is located in Mumbai. I give the interview through on-campus placement. There is a total of 4 rounds of selection.

  1. Resume shortlisting. Resume get shortlisted if you did some projects and mention good knowledge on data structure and algorithms. After this process, you will get a mail from HR.

  2. Coding Test: In the coding test, there is a total of 4 questions that you have to solve within 1.5 hours. The difficulty is code forces problem C and B type, to solve all those questions you have enough knowledge on the stack, array, graph, and dynamic programming.

  3. Technical Interview: This round was organized on google meet. In this round, the interviewer discussed my project and my open-source contribution. The interviewer asked an interesting puzzle You have 2 ropes, each of which takes 1 hour to burn. But both have different densities at different points. How to measure 45 minutes?” 

    And the coding question was interesting and quite easy and the interviewer asked me for a brute force approach. The question was there is a function, a tuple, and an array.


    Find how many tuples are present in this array. The tuple contains all the elements of that function f(x). The whole problem solves in O(n)^5 time complexity and the space complexity was O(5) to store the 5 elements. Finally, I rejected in this round because I was a bit nervous.

    Note: For lidos interview, confidence and communication are really matters a lot. Always keep yourself confident. Best of luck with your upcoming interview.

  4. HR round: In this round HR basically asked about DBMS, projects

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