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Libsys interview Experience (On Campus Programming Trainee)-2018

  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2018


The first round comprised of 50 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical(25 question), technical question (25 question) (Test Duration: 1 hour 15 minute):-

Quantitative Aptitude and Logical part were not very difficult but were a little tricky.

Technical aptitude part covered questions from computer networks, operating system, data structures. C output questions were also there.

There is no negative marking so attempt all the questions.

Don’t stress because the time is enough to solve 50 question and Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt.


Round-2 (Technical subjective-1 hour )

this is an hour subjective round test. there was 5 coding question and u have to write the only function on a notepad type of interface(no need to compile ).

the question was not so difficult .there must be one pattern type question. and others questions are

1.Sum of two linked list without using extra space and without changing the linked list.

2.the data of the node is the sum of its left subtree(

3.find the duplicate word in given string.

4.two string are anagram of each other or not.

rest of the process will happen at their place.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-1)

1)  discussion on all projects deeply.
2) questions from DBMS(query, normalization, different type of keys and related question).

3)Oops concepts and difference between all these concepts and much more related question.

4) Question from networking how massage passes from one socket to other.
5) Egg drop Puzzle


Round-4 (Technical Interview Round-2)
1) tell me about your technical background.
2) and rapid-fire start .he asked questions like its rapid-fire 🙂 ;
3) the questions from C, C++, OS, DBMS, NETWORKING, STACK, QUEUE, CIRCULAR QUEUE etc….. (difference between type of question only)
5) ask to write a code for given pattern

Round-5 (HR Round)
1) Tell me something about yourself.
2) Family Background.
3) Some general type of personal question.
4) What are your future plans related with further studies?
5) Do you have any Location constraints?

Be calm & answer politely.

Best of LUCK 🙂

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