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LIBSYS Interview Experience (On-Campus for Software Developer)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2017
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There was Total 5 Round.
1.Aptitude And technical MCQs.
2.Coding Round (Subjective Type).
3.Technical Round-1.
4.HR Round.
5.Technical Round-2.

Round 1:
There were 50 MCQs (Aptitude +Technical+Logical+English).

28 Out of 57 shortlisted for coding Round.

Round 2:
There were 5 Coding Questions.
2.Sort string Array without using inbuilt function(Hint : Use CompareTo() Method in comparison And Override sort function with your Own Code).
3.Given a sorted array and a number x, find the pair in array whose sum is closest to x.
4.Reverse A linklist without using Extra Data Structure.
5.Merge Two ursorted list in sorted single linklist.

13 Shortlisted for Further Round.

Technical -1:
1.Tell Me About Yourself.
2.Which language You prefer(C++/Java).
3.Rate Yourself in Java, DBMS, SQL.
4.Difference Between Java And C++.(I just told him 1 difference, discussion started with a counter question).
5.How Can you say java is platform Independent.(He Wanted JVM explanation in details), And Some Counter Question on byteCode And Based On compiler And interpreter.
6.Explain C Compilation Steps And Whats The Difference Between Java And C programs Compilation Process.
7.Given 3 Tables And Ask A Simple Query, and every time, he modified the same query with some new concept and covered all topic (Group by, order by, between, in, not in, subquery).After 5-6 query, He asked me A Query Which stuck me, I take 4-5 minutes and broken into subqueries then solved (Hint: Break And JOIN).
8.Given same 3 table, in Which normalization form and solved further.
9.Based on above Question, How you Identifies All Constraints in the table.
10. Questions on Key (Primary, Candidate, Super, Alternate)And Relation between these key.
11.Some Question on String In java.
12.diff Between == And EqualTo() in Java,How Override it ,and from Which class its inherits.
13.some Output question related to above question based on the string.
14.Why String is immutable in java,(Counter Question Explain Literal String Pool).
15. 2 Simple Puzzle (from Geeks).
16.Reverse Linklist (From Coding Round )
17.intersection Point Of LinkList.
18.Detect Loop in linkedList.
19.Given only a pointer/reference to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how do you delete it?
20.nth node From last in single Traversal.

HR Round
After Waiting OF 30-45 min, they call me to HR Round.
1.Tell me about Yourself.
2.Why LibSYS?
3.Who Inspire You?
4.Strength And Weakness?

Technical Round 2:
We all Waited For the final Result But they call 3 students for 2nd Technical.

1. Given A Pattern Write Code.

(Consider Spaces).
2. Given An expression Convert Into Prefix And Postfix.
3. Rate Yourself in java.
4. 4-5 SQL Query (topic:Subquery and JOIN,TOP).
5. What is Polymorphism, And how can you achieve.
6. Diff B/w Function Overloading And Overriding with Example.
7. What is Multithreading, Then given a code and write the output(Undefined output)?
8. Counter question, how you solve above code to correct output (Synchronized Method).
9. Binary search And linear search.
10.A puzzle: related To binary search.
11.How you search an Element in BST.
12.Example Of HashMAP.
13.what is indexing in DBMS, Advantage, And Disadvantage of it.
14.Puzzle: Three Bulb And Switch Puzzle(Geeks).

After 1 Hour They Told Us That Result Should Be Declared by next day.
Next Day: Result Declared And Only 1 Student selected That’s Me

Tips: Be Confident, Ready With Counter Questions,Clear your Basics concepts.

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