LG Soft India Interview Experience for Software Engineer, Bangalore

Round 1: Coding Round: you have to complete 3 questions within 1 hour.

  1. Find Good Number between 1 to N:  A number is a Good Number when Number itself is Prime Number and individuals digits of that number should be prime. eg.  257  –> 257 is a prime number, 2 is a prime number 5 is a prime number and 7 is a prime number …So 257 is Good Number.
  2. Encrypt the string
  3. Array-based question(it was a game-based question)

Round 2: Technical Round

  1. Started with Brief Introduction about yourself. Then he asked me 1 puzzle(you have 3 l and 5l bucket, you have to measure 4l, you can use unlimited water from the tap ), Then he asked me another puzzle ( can a circular cake be cut into 8 equal pieces with 3 cuts only?, if possible then how? ), One panel started asking question from Java, Inner class and subclass, all Oops concept (real-life example with code ){20 mins}, Then he asked me about the project (I used the concept of Layer Architecture). So he asked me so many questions on that part. Another puzzle(fOX corn chicken needs to cross the river, Google it ). SQL queries

Round 3: Technical Round 2 + Managerial round

  1. Tell me about yourself, What Project You have done? What challenges you face during the project How you solved it. what is JVM, why we use it what’s the purpose of using JVM. JRE, JDK (They go into detail).  ClassLoader, Byte code, Memory (stack heap method area). Rate yourself in java, c/c++. why we do method Overriding and method overloading. Abstract class. Where u have used in our project (brief code). Enum,
  2. You have a refrigerator in our home when u open the refrigerator door light is on.  Now you have to tell me whether light is on or not in the refrigerator when the door is closed. How will you check?
  3. Linked List, Tree, (not asked in my case but was asked in someone else).

“They will make u uncomfortable in Basic concept, So before attending managerial round cover basic concept. ”

Round 4 : HR round …. Simple Hr question .

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