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Learn and Earn with GeeksforGeeks Referral Program

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2023
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When was the last time you earned a few bucks while learning? Can you remember it? If not, then the time is right now. Yes, earning has now become easier than ever and everyone including you wants to earn for which you’re gaining new skills or upskilling yourself.


Learning new skills or even upskilling sounds fun (albeit a bit tiring sometimes) but when you get to earn along with learning, the fun factor doubles up. We, at GeeksforGeeks, believe in the same. Long gone are the days when advocating for your favorite online course to your friends was just a way to help your friends and loved ones without getting any monetary benefits (maybe a thank you at most) but now you can earn every time you preach about GFG courses to your friends through our GeeksforGeeks Course Referral Program.

Refer To Get The Extra Buck In Your Wallet

Sharing is caring as they say but who said that you can now earn while caring for your friend in need? GeeksforGeeks not only curated affordable online courses for you but also ensures that you can earn some extra rewards whenever your friends join you in this exciting learning journey on the GFG platform.

By joining our GeeksforGeeks Course Referral Program, you can enjoy these benefits:

  1. You can work and earn as our affiliate while studying or full-time working.
  2. You don’t require any specific degree to become our course affiliate.
  3. You’re free to work in a flexible schedule and environment of your own choosing.
  4. You can improve your communication skills.

These benefits are a few to start with. Just refer GFG Paid or LIVE courses to your friends in the middle of casual talk or chats or send the course link to your study group to people who are interested in learning the course. Share it on social media or post it on your personal website if you have any.

Refer as you go along in your learning journey!

How Does GeeksforGeeks Course Referral Program Work?

The steps are as simple as purchasing GeeksforGeeks courses. Follow these 3 steps and earn your first commission:

1. Explore 

If you’re a window shopper and like to read GeeksforGeeks articles, time for you to buy one of our paid courses to be eligible for this referral program. You can explore the GeeksforGeeks Courses page to find the course that fits your needs and voila! You’re in…

If you’ve already bought GFG courses before, you can directly jump into the 2nd Step.

2. Invite

Once you buy one of our paid courses, you’re eligible to create your coupon code to share with your Geek tribe. Don’t forget to share that whenever someone uses your referral code while purchasing a GeeksforGeeks course, they will get a FLAT 10% Discount on the same. It’s a win-win situation for both.

3. Earn 

This last step is where you get the fruit of your hard work. Every time someone uses your referral code and purchases a course of their choice, you get 5% cashback or commission from each course sale. 

Time to leverage your networking skills and earn right from your home – all just by referring to the course that made you upskill the most. Register for GeeksforGeeks Course Referral Program and start earning!

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