Leap Year Program with Bash Shell Scripting in Windows

Accurately the Earth has 365.24 days per year, to correct the approximation and keep track of the Solar Calendar the idea of leap year has been introduced to Gregorian Calendar. A leap year comes once every four years. In contrast, it has 366 days with regular years, having 365 days.

Mathematical approach to check:

  • Every year is a Leap year if it is evenly divided by four.
  • Every year evenly divided by 100 BUT not 400 is also a leap year.

Use the following shell script for the same.

echo -n "Enter year (YYYY): "
read y
a = 'expr $y%4'
b = 'expr $y%100'
c = 'expr $y%400'
if[$a -eq 0 -a $b -ne - -o $c -eq 0]
echo "$y is leap year"
echo "$y is not a leap year"


Unix Script to check leap year


Input: 2024
Output: "2024 is leap year"
Input: 2018
Output: "2018 is not leap year"
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