Leanovate Solutions (On campus Internship)

Leanovate Solutions came to offer an internship last week. The work profile was ML and IOT with a stipend ranging from 10k-15k per month.They conducted 4 rounds.

Round 1: Coding Round

There were two basic coding questions.One was based on arrays and the second one was a basic implementation of a mathematical algorithm.MCQ’S were there for the tie-breakers.

Round 2: Group Discussion

There were 10 people in a group.The topic give to us was “Why Indians don’t contribute to the open source?”. They shortlisted around 24 people for the next round.

Round 3: Technical Interview

The panelist was very friendly and helpful.He was a full-stack developer. These questions were asked to me

1) Difference between a process and a thread.


3) Why Java is platform independent?

4) Why compiled languages are faster than the interpreted?

5) Layers of OSI Model

6) Explain TCP/IP

7) Have you worked on ML/AI/IOT ?

8) Details about my previous Internship.

Last round was the HR round. I got rejected in the technical. Finally, around 7 people got the offer.

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