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Leadsquared Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2020
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Round 1: It was a online test consisted of 36 mcq questions- 12 from aptitude, 6 from SQL, 3 from programming, 5-6 on algorithms such as huffman coding. Out of 2000, 412 were shortlisted.

Round 2: It was a coding test on pen paper.The 4 Questions were based on merge sort, binary search . Highly Recommend to solve previous interview coding questions as they only repeat the questions.

Round 3: It was a easy personal interview. The Questions asked to me were- reverse a number, reverse a linkedlist without using next pointer and prev pointer approach, kth node of a linkedlist from last.Some OS and Network basic questions on paging, sockets, protocols.

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