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Layers of Abstraction in Computer System

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2020

Computer System is divided into two functional entities. Hardware and Software are two functional entities of computer system. Operating system is the link between hardware and software. There are a certain layers in computer system through which a process goes to perform a task. Here we will discuss about each layer.

Following are the different layers of abstraction in computer system:

  • Problem Statement –
    Problem Statement is stated using natural language. It may be ambiguous or imprecise. It is basically the user’s requirement from the system.
  • Algorithm –
    Algorithm is the step by step procedure to perform a specific task. It is guaranteed to finish. It has definiteness, effective computability and finiteness.
  • Program –
    Program expresses the algorithm using a computer language such as high level language and low level language. User writes the code for their problem statement.
  • Instruction Set Architecture –
    Instruction set architecture specifies the set of instructions the computer can perform using data types and addressing modes.
  • Micro-architecture –
    Micro-architecture is the detailed organization of a processor implementation.
  • Logic Circuits –
    Logic circuits combine basic operations to realize micro-architecture.
  • Device –
    Device has the properties of materials and manufacturability.

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