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L & T Infotech Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2018
  1. Round 1:Hy Guyz..!(BMSCE)

Without wasting much time..on 6/7th of Sept LNT infotech visited our campus.Coming to Round 1-

It was an aptitude round consisting of 6 sections Quant, Verbal, Logical, (DBMS, C, C++), Coding Q(Basic) and a Sql programme.

Though it had 6 Sections we were told only first 4 to concentrate on it had the Maximum marks.

No coming to Quant and all it was very very basic.I think just 2 days if preparation and you are done with it and same with eng and Logical.

But one needs to know the basics of C, C++, DBMS(I felt it was a bit tough).

Coding and Sql were not counted but ya these first 4 sections hd weitage.

Somewhere around 550 had written thin exams and 175 cleared.

Round 2:(Group discussion)

Just speak and then you are selected

Few of the topics which were given to me and my friends were..

1.Future of sports

2.Should attendance be mandatory in college

3.Generation gap between parents and children.

4.Should animals be killed.

N so on..I felt all the topics were pretty easy and one can easily speak for about 2-3 mins.

How to approach a Gd n all i fell you can browse Net for that..

Round 3:(Technical)

For non It backgrounds(Chem, Mech, Civil) this round seemd to a bit tough compared to others.Be thorough with some of the programmes such as (plaindrome, fibanocci, prime, Swapp of 2 without using 3rd variable, Greatest of 3 nos)..and be ready with your internships and projects.


Kind of formality ..

They just check your speaking skills.Out of 105 in HR around 85-90 made it to the final list..

Study well..

All the best



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