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Kuliza Technologies Interview Experience

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Round 1:

Resume Shortlist round: We were asked to upload our resume on the dropbox (Linked shared by them) and after resume shortlisting around 400 students were shortlisted for Online test.

Online Test: Online round had aptitude and 3 coding questions, There were questions ( 15 Logical + 15 Quantitative + 10 English reasoning + 3 Coding questions). Time given was less and there was sectional cutoffs and sectional timings. Online round was quite competitive and around 25 students were shortlisted from 400 students. Aptitude questions were very challenging . Selection was basically based on coding questions which were of 50, 50 and 75 marks each.

Round 2:

Tech Round 1 (Hangout Interview): The interviewer was very kind and polite. He started asking basic questions from my resume.Then he came on asking about my project, and there was extensive discussion about my projects and resume. He was very interested in the project and asked me to explain fairly on the paper. Then he asked me to explain the algorithm used in the project and then he asked a few tricky questions on that algorithm. I was able to answer some of them and for rest, I gave him a basic idea. He was satisfied.

Then he asked some puzzles from GeeksforGeeks:


I had studied this on GeeksforGeeks so I acted well about not knowing it but he caught me, and gave me a different puzzle.

I approached the solution in the manner he was expecting.

After these two puzzles he wanted to see my thinking ability on a guesstimate question

He asked me the approach to find the number of white swift cars in Delhi.


Then he asked me basic questions of Data Structures and algorithms mostly depending upon linked List and hash maps.

  1. Write a code for Removing Duplicates from a sorted link list on their live document sharing.(
  2. Algorithm to minimum time required to ripe all oranges(

3.Write a code to sort an array of 0, 1, 2. I gave him a basic approach to sorting and then he asked me to optimize it. So I solved the problem using the Dutch National Flag algorithm.

After these 3 questions, he asked me basic questions of OS.

He asked me few questions on Java and OOPS too.

Afterwards the general discussion was done basically about the company and work culture and some Basic HR questions were also asked.

This interview lasted around 120 mins.

After 2 days 19 students were shortlisted for the next interview round.

Round 3: 

Tech Round 2 (Hangout Interview): This round was taken by the CTO of the company. The call was scheduled in early morning around 7 am. The interviewer was very kind. Firstly he made me clear that there is no need to be nervous as he won’t be focusing on any particular subject or algorithm but he will be checking my pressure condition and my ability to learn.

Firstly he asked me to introduce myself. I introduced myself self and then I asked what’s different in me that’s not written in my resume. I told him that I love to be a part of political discussions but he was not impressed by my answer. He saw my resume for about 3-4 mins and asked me a question related to JAVA.

  1. Abstraction And Inheritance with codes and proper explanation.
  2. Asked about my projects. I told him about my projects and later he asked me a question about my project.
  3. Static and final keywords.
  4. Indepth discussion about the concepts of OOPS.
  5. He gave me two tables and asked me to join them with SQL.
  6. Discussion about Sql Joins and keywords.


He asked me to write a code for Printing a reverse Linkedlist.


The CTO told me to study Java and its Frameworks before joining the company.

This interview lasted around 50 minutes, we were asked to wait for the results. And I was selected when the results were declared after 4 days, total of 12 students were selected.

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Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2019
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