Kuliza Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

Recently kuliza technology conducted interview at NIT campus . The company did not come to campus , they took interview through skype and hangouts .

First round consists of 15 mathematics and basic English + aptitude questions . relatively simple.
Then there is 2 coding questions , one related to seating arrangement of boys and girls . Test was on hackerrank and total time was 1 hour .(Timing would be an issue , apti+coding in 1 hour ).

They shortlisted almost 13 students .

1st round interview
It was scheduled in skype , but that was not working in college network , so they have done it in phone + coding through skype chat.

1) Deeply about project
2) connections , questions about java script and database .
3) Future enhancements about projects , (suggestions from interviewer) .
4)Algorithm to find smallest element in infinitely long array(use partition , based on binary search) .
5) One problem based coding question (send code through skype chat) .

They shortlisted 7 out of 13 .

2nd round( via Hangouts)
1) Project questions
2) Vertical printing of binary tree .
3) One dynamic programming question, kind of more difficult, i approached through brute force, tried 3 different approaches, brain fusing problem that was :-). (Refer geeksforgeeks for DP, Later i found solution from geeks)
4) About company
5) multi programming and threading
6) Ajax

Then they selected 3 candidates, they gave confirmation in next day and offer letter in that weekend !!!

(Make your algorithms and data structures strong, try in a nice way even if you aren’t aware about solution , be confident and cool, refer geeksforgeeks for everything) .

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