Kuliza Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Kuliza Technology visited our college for campus hiring.The selection process was as follows:-

1-written test
Kuliza technology conducted a 2 hour online written test which contains 4 sections. 1st section was apptitude sections, 2nd section was coading sections, 3rd section was finding errors in code and rewrite them(you have to find where are the errors in code and you have solve those errors and and have to write right solution). and 4th section was for writting the names of 5 top most startups of india and world.

1st section was for 30 minute and there was 15 questions.question was from english-grammer,
probability,work and wages etc.

2nd section was for 1 hour and there was 2 code one is releted to possible combinations and
other one was releted to dynamic programming.

3rd section was for 20 minute and you have to find the errors in 2 code and you have to rewrite the error part.

4th section was for 10 minute and you have to write the name of top 5 startups of world and india.

I did all the mcqs and one code which is related to possible combinations and i corrected both the codes. And i got selected for the interview rounds.

2-Technical Interview
It was a skype round. first he told me to introduce myself. later he aksed that, what do you know about kuliza. Then i told him about the company. Then he started with the data structure he asked me to write the code
for merge sort. i complited code then he asked me to explain working i explained whole code’s working.
After that he asked me to explain my project.
I explained whole project then he asked me to write 3-4 sql-querries.
After that he asked me to solve data structure questions.then he asked me to reverse a stack.
sort a stack without using any extra data structure. infix to postfix conversion code.
swap the pair of nodes of linklist with given k value.find an element in sorted and roteted array.
and then he told me i am done with routh do u have any querries.
Then i asked him about the technologies on which kuliza works.

and then finally i got selected for 2nd technical interview round.

3-Technical Interview
It was also a skype round. first he told me to introduce my self. later he asked me to explain my project.
Then he asked me 2 solve 5 sql queries. I solved 4. and give approach for 5th one he told me that approach is good.
Then he asked me only data structure questions. first he told me that you have an HTML file how u will check it is valid or not. I gave my approach and he was very impressed with my approach. then he asked me to find an element i sorted INFINATE array. then he told me that you have an array which contain number from 1-100 but one no is missing and one no is repeated on place of missing so you have to find both. then he asked me to find LCA and diameter of an binary tree. i solved both the questions. then he asked OOPS concept from definition of OOPS
to dynamic binding with examples. and then he told me i am done with this round do you have any queries. Then i asked for my feedback.

KEY TO SUCCESS:- If you wanna come in KULIZA make Data-structure and sql strong. You should be good in java-script …Be yourself and Be Confident.

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