Kuliza Interview experience (on -campus)

Round 1:Company did not visit our campus, it takes interview through skype rounds, First round was online round comprised of 2 coding questions and Mcqs related to oops, sql queries, cn, os, puzzles, database.

21 were shortlisted.

1st Technical Interview:- First he asked me to introduce myself, and then he told me to explain my projects and asks some questions related to my project, from firebase, and how to handle different situations with it.The he asked me how to convert one number to another number .I told him him the xor approach, second question he asked me to convert array to bst and third question he asked me was  min. cost path in a matrix .

11 were shortlisted .

2nd Technical Interview:-He asked me to introduce myself and then asked me on which platforms I do competitive  programming  and the asked me to rate myself, 1 st question was, I have tiltes of 2*1  and I have to fill a grid of 2*n with those tiles, how many number of ways of doing this?.I first give him the recursive approach and the told him that it is the Fibonacci series . 2nd question was that I was given an array initially all elements are set to zero, and i have queries int he form

l  r  x where x is number we have to add from index l to index r, then after all the quries we have to find the maximum element in the array.

Then, he asked me about the basic principles of oops, and gave an output question related to multiple inheritance in c++.

Then he said he is done with the questions and asked me to ask anything, Then I asked about the company, what kind of work and what kind of technologies we used in kuliza.

6 were selected finally.


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