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Kronos Incorporated Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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  • Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2019
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Kronos came to our campus to hire interns as well as full-time employees. The profile they were hiring for was a software development engineer . For the interns, they were providing with a 2-month long internship.

It had CGPA criteria: Above 7.5.

Round 1: Aptitude and programming Test:

It included a one hour long the aptitude and programming test. This test was conducted on the hackerearth platform.

Aptitude test: It consisted of 10 questions(multiple choice and one mark each with no negative marking)  of which some were of basic maths and reasoning while others were of basic c++ and java programming. These questions were really easy to crack if one has basic knowledge of programming.

Programming test: It included two questions(10 marks each and wrong submissions weren’t considered and it also included partial marking). These two questions were of a very basic level of competitive programming. Not to forget: They only provided us with 3 languages to code in i.e java, C++ and C. So, those who used to code in python had no options left for themselves.

question 1: It was a basic implementation of a stack with conditions.

question 2: It was a cakewalk type question in which he had to check the stream of input and print out either yes or no.

Both the questions were easy to crack.

8 students were selected from 80 students who applied for the internship, for the next round.

Round 2: A  ( technical + HR ) interview :

In this interview, the resume plays a key role as the recruiters do not expect much technical knowledge about the core subjects like operating systems or database management systems. They are more interested in the type of skills one has developed in the past two years of college. They do expect a basic knowledge of data structures as you have already cleared the programming round.

The candidate should be able to defend everything written on the resume. Remember: Never mention false things in the resume or else you would not be able to defend it in the interview.

In the technical part of my interview, I was asked these questions:

a) what is an API?

b) what is a rest API? mention some types of APIs.

c)what is the difference between a rest and a soap API?

d)what is a session? what is a cookie?

These questions were asked to me on the basis of my resume.

I was given a basic reasoning puzzle to solve. I had participated in the smart India hackathon so I was asked to share my experience and my work as a team player. Then the questions related to the HR part started which included :

a)why did I drop for one year after class 12th, before starting my graduation.

b)What are my interests except for coding or studying? Am I into extracurricular activities?

c) How many family members do I have?

d)A question related to the pre-placement talk they conducted before the recruitment process.

The interview ended on the note that did I had any questions for them related to Kronos for them.

2 students were selected out of 8 for the position.



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