Kritikal Solutions Interview Experience

1st round:
Two sets:

First set consisted of basic c question (output based)

Second set was mcq based on computer science subjects like os,ds etc.

2nd round (Technical interview):
About projects

To delete a node in linked list given pointer to that node only

How to dynamically allocate memory to 2d matrix

Some basic c questions

Difference between malloc and calloc

Difference between semaphore and mutex

Linked list question liked reversal, addition

String questions.

3d Round (HR round):
Family background, why kritikal???,hobbies,what do u do in ur weekends,

4th Round (Technical):
To check linked list is palindrome or not

To implement stack using queues

To sort array of 0s 1s 2s

Boundary value traversal of tree

To implement stack.

Level order traversal.

I rejected the offer as there pay scale was not good, In ctc basic salary or not good and was very less.

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