Kpit Techologies On-Campus Recruitment 2019

Round 1:This round consist of aptitude test which  consist of aptitude and technical both questions and also coding section.

Company conducted online test before visiting campus and shortlisted the candidates and then called for interview.

The test platform was mettl and it was a web proctored test no need to come to college to appear for test you just have to sit with laptop with webcam and can appear for the test sitting at home.

Coding- 60 min

Aptitude, technical, C basics -90min

Technical section involves the electronics and electricals question on filters and circuits .

Coding consist of questions on pattern and even odd prime numbers.

From my college total 90 students were selected through the test.

Round 2:This round consist of technical questions related to electronics and programming concepts.

But if you have done any such internship which is related to company’s working domain then whole interview will be focused on that.

Also questions on project are expected to be asked while the interview.

Generally this round revolves around the project work, softwares and its uses and also the C concepts and sometimes ask to write the program which you have written in online coding test and explain it.

After technical round some of the students were eliminated.

Round 3: This round is final and it is HR round 

In this round you will tested on communication and other things which you have written in your resume.

All questions are similar what you usually hear from any interview trainer

What are your hobbies?

What are your achievements?

They will ask you will you be able to work for long hour

Questions on relocation-yes/no

Who motivates you?

There are very less chances of getting eliminated through HR round.If you are well verse with communication skills

Then at last they announce results of shortlisted ones.

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