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KPIT Technologies Interview Experience for Trainee Software Engineer

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 May, 2018

Round 1: Off-Site Round:

The Students registered for the interview process were provided separate links for the First round of Interview. This would be an Online test which can take from anywhere. There were two links. 1.Coding round and 2.Aptitude and Technical Section. In the Coding round, there were two problems. One problem is finding the sum of digits in the given number and the second one is the linear search. You were allowed to code only on C or CPP. The Aptitude and Technical link consist of three sections namely Aptitude, Logical ability and Technical knowledge of core subjects like Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Linear Integrated Circuits and basics of electronics. Negative marking would be there. Aptitude problems would be most on Time and Work, Speed and Distance, Allegations or Mixtures. You should concentrate more on technical questions.┬áPlease don’t answer any questions if you’re not confident on them. Out of 120 members attended the first round, 5 members were selected for the further rounds and I’m one of them.


Round 2: On-Site Coding round

Here two coding questions were provided to us and we were given a time of 30 minutes to solve those two questions. One question is from forming patterns and another question is to find a substring in a string. We were allowed to work only on C language in the Codeblocks environment. In this round, two people got eliminated.


Round 3:

This round consists of two phases.

1. Technical Round

2. HR Round.

In the technical round, most of the questions are only from your resume. Questions were mostly on your area of interest, mini projects. If you are too strong in the area of interest, they would ask basic questions of C like what is a variable, what are all the storage classes, etc.

In HR round, Regular questions like tell me about yourself, what are your weaknesses and how would you overcome it, are you aware of the job description, would you relocate, and negotiation on salary and bond.

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