KPIT Interview Experience

Round 1: The first round was online assessment which is done in home. In this the first part consisted general Aptitude and basic electronics and the second part was C programming. Here u have to write the program.

Two programs were asked Reversing a number and finding absolute difference between original and its reverse. The second program was to find the number of repeated letters in a given string.

This was easy and 87 people were short listed in our college.

Round 2: The second round was technical.

In technical I was asked basic electronics, c programming basics and to write logic for two programs. Unexpectedly even he asked some general  questions like

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Family Background.
  3. As I mentioned my hobbies he asked about that.

The technical questions were

  1. To write a c program to multiply a given number by 2 without using multiplication symbol and to divide  by 2 without using division symbol. The logic for this  is, if we right shift a number by n bits the number gets divided by 2^n times and if we left shift the number by n bits the number gets multiplied by 2^n times. For example if number is 4 which is 0100 in binary so if it is right shifted by 2 times it becomes 0001 which is equal to 1. So 4>>2= 4 ÷(2^2) which is equal to 1. Hence if we left shift the number by 2 bits it becomes 10000 which is 16. 4<<2 =4×(2^2) which is equal to 16.
  2. The second program was to find the largest of three numbers using conditional operators.
  3. What are the storage classes in c and explain their scope and where they are stored.
  4. In electronics, Explain DAC and ADC.
  5. What is embedded system.
  6. What is an amplifier.
  7. Microcontroller.

Round 3:

Round 3 was HR interview.

    1. Tell me about your family.
    2. Explain your objective.
    3. Why your percentage has decreased too much from 10th to BE?
    4. Tell me about your project and whose idea was this project.
    5. What do you think about  working in group project?
    6. Why KPIT ?
    7. How much sure you are that you will accept the offer if selected?
    8. About salary and location.Do you have any questions?

I hope this helps.

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