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Korn Shell vs Bash Shell

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  • Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2022

Korn Shell was developed in Bell Labs by David Korn and the year was 1980. But it was announced later at USENIX on 14th July 1983. The Korn shell has most of the features which one can be found in the bourne shell as well as the c shell. The extension of the Korn shell is .ksh. It provides better performance in terms of the execution of any scripts or commands. We can locate the Korn shell in /bin/kash.                

Bash Shell is a Unix shell that was developed by Brian Fox. The Bash shell stands for ‘Bourne-Again shell’. This was first released in the year 1989. For most Linux distributions, it is used as the default login shell. We can use the bash shell for reading or executing any command. The basic feature of the bash shell is all taken from sh. There are also different features like history which are copied from csh and ksh. 


Following is a table of differences between Korn Shell and Bash Shell:


Korn Shell

Bash Shell

1.The extension of the Korn shell is .ksh. The extension of the bash shell is .sh. 
2.In the Korn shell, we use the print command for printing any output. In Bash shell, we use the command name echo printing any output. 
3.The Korn shell can be found in  /bin/ksh. We can find the bash shell in /bin/bash. 
4.In terms of the execution of commands and scripts, the Korn shell is much better. In terms of the execution of commands and scripts, the performance is not like the Korn shell. 
5.As they have old syntax, the scripts of the Korn shell are less readable. As they have the new syntax, the scripts of the bash shell are more readable.  
6.The programming features provided by the Korn shell are much better than the bash shell. The programming feature provided by the bash shell is not better than the Korn shell. 
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