KLA Tencor Interview Experience

Before my interview scheduled i tried but could not find any recent interview of KLA Tencor, so i am sharing my own to help you guys. For FRESHERS (MTech(CSE)…software engineer).

Round one: Written test on hackerrank scheduled by HR on telephone

25 objective + 2 programs…..Level of objective test was good. C/C++/ 5 Aptitude/one ques on self join. I followed geeksQuiz site and manag to do 20 question out of 25. Concentrate more on C++.

Program 1: int fun(char **str1, char ***str1){………………}

     A function is given with array of string as input through ” **str1 ” and return output as ” ***str1 “.

     Test case: “Abac Cbaa”—————-> Out put is PASS else FAIL.
     Reasoning: 1)No. of elements after space and before space are equal
2)Same characters are present before and after space so PASS ( Do not care about case sensitivity).

     Output: **Str1[i]=PASS corresponding to *str1[i] string.

     Solution: traverse array of strings and for each string elements convert either to lower or smaller alphabet. And then EXOR the elements. If left character after Exoring is ” ” (space) then result is PASS.

Program 2: Matrix input and a program like K -Map but also consider diagonal elements. count number of groups and output count.

I did Program 1 and got call for telephonic interview.

Guys team of KLA Tencor is like a friend. They will take you very seriously and will help you alot..so please ignore tension of facing interviewer all you have to do is “C++”. Make your self expert in C++ concepts.

ques 1: How will you add/multiply very large number.

ques 2: why you need operator overloading

ques 3: How default ” = ” operator and copy constructor is used and why we need to use them explicitly

ques 4: Explain ” +” operator overloading.

ques 5: obj2 = obj1….will destructor work for obj2?

ques 6: If new and malloc both allocated in heap then how to access them separately? How to count number of objects created by new and created by malloc.

ques 7: How to compare two objects. Equal method belong to which class.

quest 8: In which case garbage collector cannot work explicitly.

I only had basic knowledge of C++…so out of first round.

Guys If you want to make in this company……C++ is must.

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