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KLA Tencor Interview Experience for Software Engineering (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021

KLA Tencor visited our campus in February. They took only Dual Degree(BTech + MTech) Computer Science students for the initial round. After the pre-placement talk, we had a coding test on hackerrank for 75 minutes. Web cam was enabled for monitoring and we were not allowed to switch tabs.

Round 1 (Coding Round): We had 2 coding questions. 1st coding question was similar to a number of islands problem. It was an easy question.

  1. Find the size of the biggest cluster in the image where the image matrix is boolean (0 or 1). All test cases passed
  2. I wrote the brute force solution, and it passed 10/12 test cases

7 people were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: The second and final round was a workshop. The workshop was from 8 AM to 8 PM, where we were given a problem statement of industry level, and we had to come up with a solution to solve it.

Mentors were assigned to us, and they checked our progress every hour via Airmeet (this was the platform used for the Workshop).

At the end of the day, the candidates who solved the problem were selected as interns. Unfortunately, I couldn’t solve the problem within the given timeframe.

The solution to the problem involved a good amount of image processing. The challenging part of the workshop was understanding the problem statement and coming up with the approach for the solution.

3 people were selected after the workshop.

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