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KLA Interview Experience for Software Engineer Intern (2020)

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First Round(Coding Round): This round was on hackerrank in our LAB. There were two coding questions, both from the Graph data structure and 90 minutes were given. 

The first one was relatively easy, and the second one was a little hard to optimize. I solved both the questions completely.

  1. Find the number of islands.

Note: Apart from your coding score, they also see your resume. So keep updated your resume and LinkedIn profile. Some students solved one and a half questions and didn’t get shortlisted, and some solved only one problem got shortlisted.  

Five students got shortlisted, including me.

Second Round (Technical + HR): They scheduled a Zoom meeting of around one hour for this round. There was one technical person who took my interview. Firstly he took my introduction then started asking three coding questions back to back (only solution approach was asked).

The first question was based on the tree data structure. (print the top view of  Binary tree) I gave him the optimized approach, and then we moved to the second question.

The second one was based on DP (string). I told him an approach that was not optimized, but he was satisfied with the approach.

Then we moved to the third problem, which was based on a stack. (The largest rectangular area of the histogram) Firstly I gave him a brute force solution. Then he asked me for an optimized one, and then I started explaining an optimized approach after taking a hint from him. He was satisfied with my approach.

In the end, he asked me if I have any questions then I asked him some questions about the KLA working culture and Services they provide. After some minutes of discussion, we ended the meeting.  

The interviewer was very polite and helpful.

Note: Keep sharing your approach with the interviewer. Don’t be silent for a long time. If you are stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask for a hint. Because solving a problem after taking a hint is better than not solving the problem.

PS: Apart from this interview process, they also see your LinkedIn profile, resume, and academics. So do focus on these things too.

After some days of the interview, I got the news that I got an internship opportunity in KLA :).  

Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2020
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