Keysight Technologies Interview Experience (On-Campus)

In July 2019, Keysight Technologies(previously known as IXIA) came to Techno International Newtown for their On-campus drive for the whole Techno India Group Colleges.

Post: Intern Tech I (Full-time Internship)

Location: Kolkata

Duration: 6 months

They conducted 2 rounds for their campus drive.

Round 1: Online Test

There were 3 sections in this Test.

  • Section I: It consists of 15 Quantitative Aptitude Questions (MCQ).
    Topics covered: Number Theory, Permutation and Combination, Work and Time, Profit and Loss, Ratio,  Odd Man Out Series, Probability.                                                                                                   Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Section II: It consists of 20 Programming MCQ 
    Topic covered: Array, Pointer, Storage Classes, Macros, Output related questions, Linked Lists, Tree, Graphs.   Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Section III: It consists of 15 Computer Networks(CN) related MCQ. 
    Topic covered: OSI Layer, TCP/IP Layer, IPv4 and IPv6, Different protocols and also some based on real-life networking concept. 
    Difficulty: Intermediate

Round 2: Technical Interview

It consists of 2 sections.

  • Section I: Interview on Computer Networks.                                             
    They asked me a few questions based on OSI and TCP/IP layers, IPv4 and IPv6, Switch vs Hub vs Router vs Bridge, HTTP vs HTTPS and some real-life questions based on Network Topologies.
  • Section II: Pen and Paper-based Coding Round                                           
    They asked me 8 coding questions(only using C) in this round.                                                        i) Delete all the nodes from a singly linked list 
       ii) Print the diagonal elements(skipping the alternatives) of a square matrix   
        iii) Print the elements of a matrix in Zigzag order
        iv) Print the middle element of a linked list
        v) Write a code to calculate the height of a tree.
        vi) Prints the elements of a tree in post order 
        vii) Print the minimum element of a BST. 
        viii) Check a binary tree is BST or not. 

    I answered 6 out of 8 coding questions correctly. And I was selected.

    Currently, I am doing an Internship here and after 6 months of internship I am converted as a full-time employee for the post-R&D Engineer I. They extended my internship till the end of May. and I will join as a full-time employee in July.                                                                                                             
    All the best !!!

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