Keysight Technological Interview Experience | (On-Campus)

In July 2018, Keysight Technologies came at Techno International Campus for hiring freshers among the students of Techno India Group.
We had total of 3 rounds.

Round 1: Online Aptitude Test

Test Platform: Interview Mocha

There were three sections in this online test.

Section-A consisted of 10 quantitative aptitude questions. Questions were from the topics of Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Time and Work, Number Theory, Odd Man Out Series. I would highly recommend you to practice from IndiaBIX.

Section-B consisted of 20 computer networking multiple choice questions. Technically, the questions were covered from all the layers of the networking models. Questions level were intermediate.

Section-C consisted of 20 Programming multiple choice questions. All the questions were from data structures, pointers, macros, bitwise operators, output related questions.

Each correct answers yields +3 and an incorrect answer will deduct -1 from your score basket.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Interviewer: Which language are you comfortable in?
I: Okay, So tell me about Abstract Classes.
I: What is interface and (sub-questions related to it).
Next, he started questioning me from C++, constructors, destructors, etc.

Then, he moved onto data structures. Few questions about the singly linked list, circular linked list, etc. Few algorithms about this.

Next section was from the computer network. Questions were like: “Tell me about the layers of TCP/IP model”, “Difference between Switch and Router”, Some questions about FTP, subnet masking, etc.

Round 3: HR Interview

Sadly, I was not selected for the third round, but what I can conclude is that make sure that you are confident enough in DS and Networking.
All the best!

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