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Kali Linux – Dnswalk

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  • Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2021
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Dnswalk is a DNS (Domain Name System) debugger. Dnswalk checks the database accurately in any number of ways for internal consistency and performs zone transfers of specified domains.

Installation of Dnswalk in Kali Linux :

It is pre-installed in Kali Linux but if it’s not then simply type the given command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install dnswalk

If you have no knowledge about dnswalk and need some help, simply type “dnswalk –help” after this command you will be able to see all option which you can apply in this tool.

dnswalk --help

dnswalk in linux

dnswalk Options:

  • -r: It is used to descend sub-domains of the specified domain recursively.
  • -a: We use this to Turn on a warning of a duplicate A records.
  • -d: It is used to Print status and debugging information
  • -F: It simply Performs the “fascist”  checking.
  • -i: It simply Suppress the checking for invalid characters in a domain name.
  • -l: It simply performs the  “lame delegation”  checking.

dnswalk usage examples:

To run a dnswalk command successfully with error and any failure then we have to put “.” at the end of the domain name. As Zone transfer is disabled by default in most of the domains and can be enabled by the administrator. So to run your command successfully you have to write ‘.’ end of your target URL otherwise the command will not run.


dnswalk in linux

In case the zone transfer is disabled we can use -f switch to transfer zone forceful.

dnswalk -f

dnswalk in linux

You can also Turn on a warning of duplicate records by the below command.

dnswalk -a

dnswalk in linux

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