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Jython – Introduction and Installation

Last Updated : 10 May, 2020
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It’s not hidden that Java is a powerful and Python is a simple and easy language. To get them both together, Jython was introduced so it is both powerful and simple. It is a pure Java implementation of Python. It uses Python’s syntax and Java’s environment. It allows using features of Python in Java environment or to import Java classes in Python codes and hence, is very flexible. Jython can run on almost any platform which provides flexibility in application deployment and it also provides many libraries with many more APIs.

It is really beneficial for those who create applications in Java and are new to Python. Python has three implementations:

  • Cpython(mostly used)
  • Jython
  • IronPython

Installation of Jython


  • Download your copy from

  • It will be combined as a cross-platform executable JAR file
  • If you don’t have Java installed in your system you will need to grab a copy of it. you can download it from and install it.
  • Double click on the JAR file and install it with “All” features installed

  • Find the jython.bat(windows) or OS) file in the same folder where you installed Jython
  • Place this folder within your PATH environment variable
  • After all this has done you will be able to open up the command prompt, type jython and then hit the “enter” key



To install Jython in Linux type the below command in the terminal.

sudo apt install jython

After typing this command provide your sudo password and that’s it. Linux will handle the rest. After installation, check whether Jython is installed correctly or not. See the below image for checking.


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