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Juspay Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019

I attended a pool campus drive held on 29th August 2019 in Bangalore.

Round 1:Round 1 was held in my own college and programs were from simple to average. The exam was held on “Talscale” and the platform experience was terrible. One could only code in Java and Python 2.7 as other options were not availiable. 

Round 2: Students who qualified in Round 1 were invited to attend pool drive at another institution. There were 3 problem statements to be solved.They were the same programs that were asked 3 years ago (You can find the same with a simple search) The programs were array based questions disguised as Graphs. This round was again held on “Talscale” platform. I was able to solve 2 out of 3 programs in stipulated time of 90 mins.

Coming to the platform, Talscale, it was a terrible experience. We lost anywhere from 5 – 25mins because the platform server was very slow. The platform didn’t check for any window switching and students plagiarized the full code from various sources . The host college students were not checked and few copied the code from the internet using their cellphones.There were only 2 test cases and no hidden test cases. Students who just returned the output for sample cases and examples also qualified for next round.It was disappointing to see a premium company like Juspay not undertaking enough security measures and using a platform such as Talscale.

Round 3: A few students qualified for the next round.Resume was screened and students were asked to write a program on paper in the most efficient way. (Find 2 nodes in 2 BST such that their sum is equal to a given Input K). Once the code was written the interviewer called each person separately and asked to explain the code and derive the time complexity. Students who got selected in this round will be participating in the next round, which will be a Hackathon.

Hope this was helpful.

Good luck 🙂


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