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Juspay Interview Experience – 1 yr. Experience through Hackerearth | SDE – 1

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020

Round 1 (Coding Round)

The first round was an Online Pan India Coding test held on HackerEarth platform.  3 questions based on graph were asked. The 3rd one was a medium – hard problem while the 1st two were on the easier side. I managed to solve them all.

Round 2 (Remote Hackhathon Round – A)

Around 20 people across the country were selected for this round. Usually the subsequent rounds are held in Juspay Bangalore Office , but this time it was all remote due to the pandemic.  After an orientation by one of the founders , we were given a problem statement to solve within 2 hours. It was mainly an algorithmic and a low level design problem. After having a couple of discussions with the panelists (consisting of 5 techies) , we finalised a solution and coded it on codeshare. After I was given a sign off by the interviewer , I faced Part B of the same question.

Round 3 (Remote Hackhathon Round – B)

This time the same problem statement was modified to support concurrency and scalability. A clear concept of multithreading was needed to clear this round. After sharing a few approaches and having subsequent discussions , I came up with a solution . The interviewers were happy with it and asked me to code on codeshare. After a while I was informed that I will have my technical interview round.

Round 4 (Remote Technical Interview)

This interview happened two days after the hackhathon . It was a 2 : 1 Interview. This round comprised of detailed discussions on my projects , challenges I faced in my one year of industry experience and my role in the  current company. After that I was given an undefined problem statement for which I was expected to extract requirements , then design at a lower level and code on one module. It turned out to be a ds-algo question which I successfully solved using dynamic programming. Few follow up questions were asked on the same.

Post that I was asked another ds-algo question by the other interviewer(this time the problem was well defined) which was an ad hoc problem. I initially solved it by a brute force approach and was eventually able to come up with an optimal solution.

At the end of the round I was asked some in-depth questions on networking and this part didn’t go well.

The round lasted for 2 hours in total.

Round 5 (Interview with the Founder)

After few days I got a call from the recruiter informing that I will have an interview round with the CEO and the co-founder of Juspay. This was a different kind of experience all together. At first he enquired me about my entire life-history , my likes and dislikes and then he went on to  ask some in-depth system questions. After that he gave me a problem statement and asked me to connect with him on slack if I came up with the solution. This round literally lasted for a day (if you go by duration) and was very similar to the Hackhathon round I had earlier. I came up with an approach next morning. We discussed and froze on the solution and also coded the same. Post that he asked about my projects and asked questions like where do I see myself in next 5 years etc. He gave me a lot of advice on how I needed to know more about systems and lauded my problem solving ability. It was a very nice discussion with him and at the end I felt I was talking to a mentor rather than an interviewer.

Round 6 (HR)

This round was merely a formality after which I was informed that I have been successful in their selection process and they are pleased to role out an offer to me.

Overall it was a nice experience to go through their recruitment process and specially interact with the founder who turned out to be a very knowledgable person, passionate about computer science. 

Hope it helps.

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