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Juniper Networks Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2015
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Written Test: Aptitude + CS Questions (mostly DS + Networks and some OS) + 2 Code questions.

F2F 1:

1) C Language questions. Learn C thoroughly.

2) Implement insert in a binary tree

F2F 2:

1) Explain C programming stack.

2) What is segmentation fault. What is core dump. How to debug from core dump files

3) Count number of set bits in a binary number.

4) Most questions on C and debugging.

F2F 3:

Completely on projects. Also explained the kind of work they are ding there.

F2F 4: With team manager

Explain TOP command. Same discussion regarding projects

F2F 5:

Repeat of 3rd round. I think he is a VP. More in depth discussion on projects and stuff.

Poor communication from company side. Very irresponsible. If you are appearing, check withe them regularly regarding the status of you interview and candidature.

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