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Juniper Networks Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus)

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Round 1:

Online Test consists of 35 MCQs and 3 Coding Questions.

MCQs were both Technical and Aptitude.

Aptitude Questions were of average difficulty level and Technical MCQs includes Output based questions,Networking and Operating System.

Coding Questions:-

1- Next Permutation of a string.

2- Given a binary Linked list find its decimal equivalent.

3- Given two sorted array merge them.

24 students who has done all the three coding questions and good enough mcqs were selected after this for interviews.

Round 2:(Technical as well as Managerial)

1- Project Discussion (Redesign your software according to the given requirements). It lasted about 30 min.

2- State different type of data structures available and compare them.(Give the detailed explanation about it .It was mainly to test how well you can explain as everybody knows the answer to this)

3- Sort the Doubly Link List. (Code it on paper)

4- What is your vision and how juniper can help you?

5- You are being bullied by one of your classmate how will you tackle?

After this round 14 student were shortlisted.

Round 3: (Technical)

1- What are your favourite subjects ?(Be careful while answering this question this is gonna drive your interview) I said Java, DS ,DBMS,Operating System.

2- Find the repeated elements from the array. (No STL Allowed)

3- Given a string representing binary number toggle the nth bit.

Eg- Given(110010001) Toggle 5th from end?

Answer- 110000001.

4- What is the ultimate aim of your life?

5- What is MultiThreading and how it is implemented? How many processors are needed to execute two threads  simultaneously. Explain where it is used with real examples.


There was no Separate HR Round. After this results were announced and 7 students got selected.


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Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2017
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