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Juniper Networks Interview Experience For Internship On Campus
  • Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2018

Juniper Networks Interview Experience For Internship

Juniper Networks visited our campus for hiring interns. Firstly, there was an online round, after which 15-20 people were shortlisted for further procedure which included two technical round and one hr.

Online Round
Total time for test was 90 minutes in which we were given 20 mcqs based on aptitude(quantitative mostly), dbms, operating systems and data structures along with three coding questions.
1.Slight modification of n queens. In this we were given a vector which represented position of queens in each row and we had to tell if the configuration was safe or not.
2.Searching in binary tree.
3.Third one was based on string manipulation.

Overall, the questions were of easy to medium level. The only thing was time management.

Technical Round 1
The Interviewer asked me about my projects and we had a detailed discussion about that.You must be well versed with your projects and surrounding topics so as to ace this round . Moreover, being an electronics student, I was also asked a few questions about that to.Afterwards I was asked about different sorting and searching techniques and a question based on strings which was some what similar to:
The interviewer was quite impressed by my way of approaching different problems that I directly made it to HR round.

HR Round
It was like more of a chit chat session .

I was finally offered the internship offer along with 4 other people. The interviewer were very cool and calm and very only concerned about the way you approach any problem. So, you need to have a very strong basic knowledge of each and every topic you prepare. Geeksforgeeks platform really helped me a lot while preparing . I am really thankful to them. And best of luck :).

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