JTG Interview Experience for Software Developer

Hello everyone! Recently I was interviewed for JTG SD role in Gurgaon. Hence, I would like to share my experience with you.

Round 1 (Online Test):

Online MCQ test based on basic programming knowledge in C and C++. The test contained around 50 questions to be completed in 1 hour. No negative marking.

Round 2 (Written Test):

Out of 500+ students around 135 students were shortlisted for this round. Second round was the pen and paper coding round. The test contained 4 programming questions which were to be answered in around 1 hour.

Round 3 (Technical Round): Around 31 students were shortlisted for third round. It was a technical interview. 2 questions were asked one based on tree and another based linked list. The interviewers give enough hints to help  you out with your approach.

Round 4 (Technical Round): Around 20 students were shortlisted for this round. It was a technical interview. 2-3 coding problems were given based on right view of binary tree, string manipulation and arrays.

Round 5 (Technical Round): Around 10 students were shortlisted for this round. It was the 3rd technical interview with 2 hard coding problems. First problem was based on binary tree and second problem was based on arrays. The level of these coding problems increased with each successive technical round.

Round 6 (HR Round): Around 6 students were shortlisted for this round. It was the final HR round. Following basic questions were asked:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. How were your technical interviews?
  3. Tell me about your achievements?
  4. Why do you wish to join JTG?
  5. Where do your see yourself in next 5 years?
  6.  Do you have any questions about our organization or any doubts?

5 students were finally selected and I was one out of those. 🙂

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