JTG Gurgaon Interview Experience


Round 1:

Online Test – This round comprised 50 technical questions. Mostly related to O/P. Major topic was pointers in C++. 1/3 negative marking was present. Most of them are available on GeeksForGeeks.

Time : 50 Minutes

Round 2:

Pen Paper Coding Round – 4 questions were given. In three questions we had to write program. In last question we were to determine the output of a given code.

Q1 : Write a program to divide a doubly linked list from middle into two doubly linked lists.

Q2 : Write a function to check if the given tree holds the given property: Node->val1 = Node->left->val2 + Node->right->val2.

Q3 : Write a program to find if in a given sorted array, any two elements sum is equal to given value k. Time Complexity : O(N).

Time : 60 minutes



All rounds were pen paper round. Very light environment. They will give you two questions and all focus is on solving the questions. (obviously optimally and in minimal time). They will give you test cases and hints also.

Round 3:

Q1 : Given an array sort a array in the pattern like positive negative positive negative and so on.

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