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JSON full form

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2023
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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a text-based data interchange format to maintain the structure of the data. JSON is the replacement of the XML data exchange format in JSON. It is easy to struct the data compare to XML. It supports data structures like arrays and objects and JSON documents that are rapidly executed on the server. It is also a Language-Independent format that is derived from JavaScript. 

The official media type for the JSON is application/json and to save those file .json extension. JSON was initially created by Douglas Crockford in the early 2000s, and first standardized in 2013 after that in 2007 JSON’s latest standard was published. 



  "Name": "GeeksforGeeks",
  "Estd": 2009,
  "age": 10,
  "address": {
    "buildingAddress": "5th & 6th Floor Royal Kapsons, A- 118",
    "city": "Sector- 136, Noida",
    "state": "Uttar Pradesh (201305)",
    "postalCode": "201305"

Characteristics of JSON:

  • Easy to understand: JSON is easy to read and write.
  • Format: It is a text-based interchange format. It can store any kind of data in an array of video, audio, and image anything that you required.
  • Support: It is light-weighted and supported by almost every language and OS. It has a wide range of support for the browsers approx each browser is supported by JSON.
  • Dependency: It is an Independent language that is text-based. It is much faster compared to other text-based structured data.

Advantages of JSON:

  • JSON stores all the data in an array so data transfer makes easier. That’s why JSON is the best for sharing data of any size even audio, video, etc.
  • Its syntax is very easy to use. Its syntax is very small and light-weighted that’s the reason that it executes and responds in a faster way.
  • JSON has a wide range of browser support compatibility with the operating systems, it doesn’t require much effort to make it all browser compatible.
  • On the server-side parsing the most important part is that developers want, if the parsing will be fast on the server side then the user can get a fast response, so in this case, JSON server-side parsing is the strong point compared to others.

Disadvantages of JSON:

  • The main disadvantage of JSON is that there is no error handling in JSON, if there was a slight mistake in the JSON script then you will not get the structured data.
  • JSON becomes quite dangerous when you used it with some unauthorized browsers. Like JSON services return a JSON file wrapped in a function call that has to be executed by the browsers if the browsers are unauthorized then your data can be hacked.
  • JSON has limited supported tools that we can use during JSON development.

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