jQuery | Syntax

It is used for selecting elements in HTML and performing the action on those elements.



  • $ sign: It grants access to jQuery.

  • (selector): It is used to find HTML elements.

  • jQuery action(): It is used to perform actions on the elements.
    1. Used to hide the current element.
    2. Used to hide all <p> elements.
    3. Used to hide all elements with class=”test”.
    4. Used to hide the element with id=”test”.

    Document Ready Event:

    • jQuery Methods are inside a Document ready event for easy reading of code.

        // jQuery Method

      This is to check and stop the jquery before the document is finished loading. This method also allows you to have JavaScript code before the body of your document, in the head section.

    • Some actions that can fail if the method is run before the loaded document:
      Get the image size which is not loaded or hide element which is not created yet.

    • The shorter method for document ready:
        // jQuery Method
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