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JP Morgan Video Interview Experience (Code For Good – 2021)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2021

JP Morgan Chase & Co. has already organized the round 1 coding test. There were 2 questions of easy to medium level. Now the video interview took place on 14th March 2021 on the Hirevue Platform. There were 2 behavioral-based questions, flashed on screen one after the other. And it’s a recorded video interview, and the best part was that you can retake your video but only once for each video. You will be given 30 secs to prepare for each question, and then you can start recording your answer. 

Online Video Interview Questions:

  1. Tell about your experience when you have been assigned to some task in-school project, or at work, and you have done beyond that.
  2. Tell something that you have to learn from your recent mistake.

The third and final round will be the Hackathon round, about which shortlisted students will get the mail in the month of May-June most Probably.

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