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JP Morgan Interview Experience | Set 2 (For Internship)

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Hello geeks, first of all i would like to thanx to geeksforgeeks.

Guyz, you will understand why i am thanking geeksforgeeks after reading my experience.

First round
was coading round. there were two question.

1. Knapsack 0-1 problem.
2. A program related to array and hashing.

I have submitted knapsack 0-1 problem fully. i had learned this algorithm from geeksforgeeks.
second problem i have submitted 50% correctly.

Second round was technical round.
I told that my area of interest is object oriented concepts and I know c++.
so he asked me some of the object oriented concept like
What is encapsulation.
Ways to access private data of a class.
Why Java is developed if c++ is already there.
Is multiple inheritance good if not explain.
How to handle exception if it comes in calling of constructor.
What happens if i have a constructor with one argument but i am creating object without any argument.
Then some DBMS related questions.

Third round was HR round here they pointed out my pg pointers
And they pointed out coding rounds that i have won.
And specially they pointed out that i am campus ambassador of geeksforgeeks
This made a great impact in HR round.

Thanks geeksforgees for selecting me as campus ambassador.

Lots of thanks geeksforgeeks because everything that I have learn, all from geeks for geeks.

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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2017
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